Studio B Films – SF Video Production Company

We love event and sizzle video production. Some of our favorite work has been for major events—and we’ve been lucky enough to see more than a few of our videos playing on massive 10:1 aspect ratio screens with multiple projectors.

Event and sizzle videos can inspire and rally a captive audience around something they all care about. They’re an opportunity to play with your organization’s characters and groups with stories and humor.

Event and sizzle videos can provide a vehicle for surprise—and inside jokes. Or tell complex or emotional stories that grab your audience.


When you’re producing an event video, you’re really producing an experience. Every Year, LPL Financial puts on a major summit meeting for all of it’s financial advisors. Their event agency, Opts Ideas, came to Studio B to produce the multi-screen event video series to kick-off each day of the 3-day summit. The challenge was to find families that depicted 3 different generations of potential clients (echo boomer, baby boomers, and retirees). In each portrait we explored these families’ perspectives around money and their financial futures. We cast a wide net to find families that met these criteria but also were dynamic on camera and had rich life stories.

Producing multiple event videos has it’s unique challenges, but what made this one particularly interesting was that we were projecting onto 6 overlapping screens. This required us to meticulously map out our projection strategy. We also produced full-immersion animations to kick off each video. By all accounts series was a big success, both emotionally impactful and visually stunning. Studio B is currently creating a video series for LPL working with Opt ideas for the third year.

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