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Social Media Distribution

When your final product is delivered, Studio B will be there to help you navigate the deep waters of online distribution. Whether your video is going directly on your website, or being released at a specific event, making sure it creates a splash in social media is an important part of today’s production world. Our social media specialist can be there to make sure your story is consistently told to the audience who matters most to you. No matter what level your social media expertise may be, Studio B Films will be there to support and advise.

Online Marketing Strategy

Don’t know where to start when it comes to Social Media? We can assess your needs based on your current online presence and branding, point out opportunities you may have missed, and outline specific long term actions for social media success. We can even help create a new online presence that is totally unique to the story you want to tell.

Distribution Guidelines

When you come to us for a video, we always keep the final audience for your story in mind. Whether your final video is going on Facebook, will be spread through your Twitter followers, be a news item for your industry’s blogs, or will be a mainstay on your Vimeo or Youtube Channel, Studio B will be there to make sure your story is consistent and interesting. We’ll work with you to hold onto the integrity of your message, and hopefully open up profitable conversation between you and the world of social media.

Platform Recommendations

The ideal platform for your online distribution will change depending on the length and content of your video, and your own branding strategies. Videos on Facebook and Twitter will reach a different audience than those on LinkedIn or Google+. When you put your video out into the world, we’ll help you keep in mind the social networks that work the best for your story, and provide recommendations for the type of tracking tools and management services that will help you see how far your reach goes.

Building A Conversation

Our social media specialist want to help you build a conversation with your audience. We’ll point you towards the niche corners of the internet where people are talking about you. Navigating social media is just that, a social experience, and your video will be a good conversation starter. Studio B will be there to make sure there aren’t any lulls in that conversation.

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